The world of betting sites has always been considered part of the leisure of bettors. Few people are dedicated to it professionally, so the vast majority of people usually bet for fun. Obviously, it is always intended to earn money but can rarely be considered a job. In this sense, we could say that the vast majority of bets could be considered ‘fun bet’ if we go to the literal meaning of the term.

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Best bookmakers to make a fun sporting bets

Have fun yes, of course, with a fun bet. But better to do it in those sports betting houses that make this fun moves easier. We leave you here with our selection of the best.

However, and as you may suspect, this is not the real meaning of a fun bet in the world of betting. By fun bet is understood that bet we do only and exclusively for fun, with very little chance of making money, but in which, curiously, the price is quite high.

As is natural, if we want to bet for a long period of time, it is not advisable to make many fun bets, since there are hardly any real chances of winning the bet and both short and medium and long term are unprofitable. This is the reason why they are called a fun bet because they are made solely and exclusively for fun and there are many chances that we will fail them.

As is natural, being a bet for fun, the process is quite simple. We’re going to have fun, so we can not be thinking much either. We just have to enter our favorite betting house and make a combined bet where we bet on more or less surprising or at least difficult results. For example, we can take five soccer matches and bet on five visiting victories.

You could also consider a fun bet that crazy bet to a single event where we bet for a bulky result or for the defeat of the clearly favorite team. The clearest example of this type of betting would be given by betting on the winner to a lower category team in the field of the higher category. Naturally, if we talk about football, Cup tournaments in first rounds are a great opportunity and if we talk about tennis, the matches of the seeds at the start of the tournament would be another.

Obviously, a fun bet can also be done in the long term. A clear example of this we have seen this season with the victory of Leicester City in the Premier League. Many bettors are going to earn a lot of money thanks to a really crazy fun bet. That is, every season there are surprising results in all sports, but few years we see a league champion as a little favorite as Leicester City.

I had everything to descend, from a very bad season before, where they almost go down to the First Division, to a party of players that ended with the coach and several players of the team in the preseason, with the consequent change of technician just before starting the league. But they also had a team that theoretically was going to be uncompetitive, since there were hardly any signings with respect to the previous season. Well, anyone who wanted to make a fun bet really should bet on Leicester City. In fact, even the followers of the team of foxes made the bet with that single goal, have fun.

It is true that the fact that the result of the bet is not clear until 9 months later can take away some emotion since normally the fun bets are fast consumption, but who can really say that those who bet on the Leicester City at the beginning of the season are having a bad time? To live what they are living they are what the bets were born for.

Another fun bet option is a great one combined with more or less feasible results. What is also known as ‘personalized betting’. We take 10-15 matches, the more matches the higher the fee and the more money we can win, which will also make it more difficult to get it right, and we bet on the favorites. The individual quotas will be low, of 1.1, or 1.2, but multiplying them can earn us a lot of money in the event that we win.

How much should we bet on fun sporting bets?
We must not lose sight of the fact that a fun bet is very difficult to win, practically impossible. It is not a sports bet to use. We should not go crazy, so from Online Betting we do not recommend spending more than 1% of our bankroll, that is, our money dedicated to bets in total, in a fun bet.

To finish we are going to leave you with the clearest example of successful fun bet that has happened lately. An English fan bet 1 pound to a combined bet of 16 really difficult results since he had several league games and the bets included winners, both teams scored, more than 3 goals and exact results. Well, without eating or drinking it took 181,569.50 pounds, or what is the same 239,000 euros.

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