Online Roulette Rules

Like the slot machines, the roulette wheel is a staple in any casino environment. This game is very simple and anyone can easily step up and try their hand. Once you have a basic understanding of the rules of roulette, you'll be ready to place your own bets on the spin of the wheel.

Game Play

Basic roulette rules are easy to understand, as the players simply place bets on where the ball will land on the roulette wheel after each spin. Understanding the bets is a bit more complex. The simplest bets with the best odds of winning are those placed on evens/odds, first half/second half or reds/blacks. Players may also bet on columns, groups of a dozen or a single number of their choice. The six-number, five-number, four-number, three-number and two-number bets are placed on that amount of spaces beginning at the 0 or 00 on the wheel.

Land-Based Vs Online Roulette

Roulette is readily available in both land-based and online casinos, with some noticeable differences between these two options. Though online roulette rules are the same as the roulette game rules in a land-based location, you don't get to watch an actual wheel spin and game play is sometimes so quick you almost miss what's happening. In a land-based casino you will have a live wheel, croupier and betting chips. You are also playing in a live, often rowdy environment with other players.

A quick overview of roulette rules should get you to play roulette in no time. Since this is purely a game of chance, every number has equal odds of coming up and you don't necessarily need a complex strategy to try your hand at the game and potentially win.